Moon Maidens Workshop
Moon Maidens Workshop
Moon Maidens Workshop

Moon Maidens Workshop

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Menarche is a formative transition from childhood to womanhood.                                                    

It is a rite of passage journey of connection to self, the natural world and the great divine. How this powerful gateway is navigated can shape a young woman’s relationship to her body, her cycles and to sisterhood.

Moon Maidens circle is for girls interested in learning more about the sacred & practical practices of their menarche. It’s suitable for those who are approaching or have already commenced first blood cycles.  Approximate age range is 9-13, with flexibility if girls outside these ages wish to join.

The course will run for 20 hours, over five Sunday afternoons for four hours.                          

Each circle will guide the girls through specific practical knowledge, as well as encouraging the girls to tune into their intuitive inner guidance.

At the beginning of the programme, the girls will be gifted a small box to fill over the duration of the course. Each week we will add beautiful new and practical items to the box,  to be used at the time of their cycle. These items include a journal, herbal teas, essential oil blends and an eco-pad that the girls will craft during the programme. At closing circle the box will be filled with empowering and encouraging blessings to one and other.



DATES: Five Sundays from the 1st - 29th MAY, 2021

TIMES: 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM

LOCATION: Mullumbimby  NSW 2482.

COST: $330 Includes all materials for the girls 

Tickets are limited to 12 girls

The girl’s mother or female mentor may join the workshops at an additional cost of $20 per workshop to cover the cost of materials.

There is a scholarship place for one girl and there are payment options available.

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WEEK 1. On the first day of the programme, the girls will be gifted a box, to fill over the five sessions. We will address the sacred and practical aspects of commencing menstrual cycles. We will learn about the moon and sun cycles, the sacred old ways and touch on cultural celebrations of the menarche. During the programme, in particular week one, a female role-model, mother, aunty, grandmother, big sister or mentor is welcome to join us to share stories, combined wisdom, to normalise and celebrate our differences and similarities. We will share stories of the red thread, the mother line, whilst hand weaving an eco-friendly washable pad. We will discuss the different products available for bleeding and address the benefits of each, all in a comfortable, non-confronting way, whilst we sew the eco-pad.

WEEK 2. During the second week we will discuss the different ways to manage aspects of our cycle, linked into the Earth, Moon & Sun rhythms. We will make a beautiful journal to track our cycles, we will  discuss the female rhythms and cycles of each month as well as the seasonal and life-long cycles of the maiden, the mother and the crone.

WEEK 3. During the third week, we will connect with the nature elements, tune into our own inner wisdom, the Earth and plant wisdom. We will work with essential oils and learn how to intuitively blend essential oils to help with moods, cramps, feelings of peace and wellbeing at the time of the blood cycles. 

WEEK 4. During week four, we will work with sacred tea ceremony, a reminder to bring sacredness to earthly rituals. The girls will learn how to intuitively blend herbal teas that are unique to them and their needs. The blend will be a combination of herbs that can benefit regulation of cycles, help alleviate cramping and stabilise moods, empowering the girls to learn to trust their innate knowledge.

WEEK 5. During week five, the girls are invited to host a circle for the women in their lives, incorporating some of what they have learnt into the circle, including a tea ceremony. The girls and women will then fill each others cups with blessings, then as they sip tea, write a message and a blessing to each other to put into their box that now contains a practical essential oil blend, re-washable eco-pad, herbal tea blend and a journal for the girls. The box is now filled with goodies and messages to always remind them of their sacred red thread and their connection to sisterhood.



Sama Ky Balson has been running child inclusive women’s circles with the Sacred Sister Circles for five years, hosting full moon, new moon and solstice events. In 2019 Sama ran the Nurture in Nature women’s gathering in the Byron Hinterlands and was a workshop facilitator at the Wise Women’s Gathering in 2018. Sama was raised with naturopathy and herbal medicine wisdom and has a life long practice of working with the alchemy of plants.

Sama has a background in running events, workshops and training for adults and children in the performing arts industry. She has two decades experience curating course content and hosting workshops for children from kindergarten through to the end of high school.  Aligned with her love of women’s work and honouring the sacred, Sama is currently training to be an authorised Celebrant, to solemnise marriage. Her community offerings include pregnancy blessing ways, baby namings, women’s and girls circles and wedding vow renewals.